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Before embarking on the installation of a shower tray, it is important to give all the necessary care to the piping and the evacuation of waste water to ensure its proper functioning. Under the receiver, siphon, pipes and pipes fit together logically and even if it seems simple, it is better to call a professional to avoid odd and flooding problem.

Evacuation pipes: the different types of connection

Before you put your shower tray, it is important to connect the siphon to the evacuation system thanks to PVC pipes particularly adapted to the evacuation of wastewater. To be sure that the water flows quickly and does not overflow your receiver, observe a slope of a minimum of 2 cm per meter and consider installing pipes of 40 mm minimum diameter. Once the pipes are chosen, they must be connected to each other using fittings. There are a number of them on the market:

  • Rights to connect 2 pipes of the same diameter.
  • Elbows to change direction between 2 or 3 tubes.
  • The panties for the derivation of a horizontal pipe.
  • The branches for a connection less than the main diameter.
  • The reductions to allow the reduction of an installation between 2 tubes.
  • Buffers to allow access to the interior of a pipeline.

Evacuation pipes: how to connect them?

The advantage with PVC pipes is that they are very cheap, easy to install and do not require soldering. Fittings adapted to PVC pipes are available in all male or female versions. The male fits into the female and if you end up facing 2 male tips, you will need a fitting sleeve. Once in possession of the right fittings, you can then proceed to the collage.
For PVC pipes, it is not necessary to heat because the bonding is done cold. It is recommended to use a special glue for rigid PVC specially adapted to this type of use. First, think about removing the two parts to be assembled, dusting and degreasing them before sticking. Once the set is dry, glue the tube and the fitting and snap it without waiting. Then wipe off the excess glue and let it dry. It is important to follow the procedure for ensuring good sealing of the pipes of your shower.

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