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The pizza oven is the one found in all traditional pizzaïolos. However, this oven does not just baking pizzas! Discovery.

The pizza oven

The pizza oven

An oven to cook only pizzas?

We call pizza oven, an oven whose sole is traditionally stone or firebrickthat is, a material that is resistant to very high temperatures and retains heat. The heat is created by a wood fire, initiated in the oven, or by the embers generated by this fire. There are also electric pizza ovens, the sole refractory material, but the process of creating heat is simplified (electric and not wood fire).

This oven does not only allow pizza cooking. It can also be used for baking bread, pastries, grills, gratins or vegetables. Pizza ovens, made of stone or food brick, are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

The cooking techniques of the pizza oven

A pizza oven allows two types of cooking:

  • Traditional cooking permitted due to the ambient heat of the cavity and the heat of the stone.
  • A cooking by the flame. The dishes are cooked thanks to the ambient heat of the oven cavity and thanks to the flames of the wood fire. This is the cooking traditionally used to cook pizza and thin pie.

Advantages and disadvantages of the pizza oven

The main advantage of this pizza oven is that it allows traditional cooking and authentic food. A unique cooking that brings a special flavor to all types of dishes. Despite this name which could limit its use to pizzas, the pizza oven can cook all foods and dishes.

The main disadvantages? The process for lighting the oven, for wood-fired ovens, and the heating time. To cook your food, you must first make a fire. And it is recommended to light the fire about 30 minutes before cooking so that the stone and the oven create enough heat. Another disadvantage: the size of the oven. A stone oven is particularly imposing, which is why it is generally found outdoors. The electric pizza oven is smaller but also more expensive.

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