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The location of windows is paramount in a building. In case of house already built but too dark, you can add some. But which side should we put on? How big, how much? Our advice to create the best openings.

Plan home: where to create openings

Plan home: where to create openings

The openings of a house and the regulations

To modify the size of a window, to add one or to add an opening to create a balcony or a veranda is subjected to Strict rules in the presence of neighborhood.
In the event of an opening modifying the appearance of the house, a preliminary declaration of works must be made in town hall.
Ofs minimum distances with your neighbor must be respected. You must have at least 1m90 in the right view (without making head movement) or 60 cm in oblique view (must turn or lean your head to see the neighbor). This measurement is done from outside the opening.
If the openings are there to give more light so without any view, you must be at a height of 1m90 in floor and 2m60 on the ground floor.

Which way to place openings on a house and why?

The openings of a living room, window or large bay window, are to be installed in priority to the South to make the most of a bright lighting and a natural heat due to the sunshine.
For rooms, prefer windows placed South-East or East to have freshness in summer.
The openings to the North must be limited in the living rooms because they generate losses and therefore an increase in heating even if the windows are isolated. The garage, the cellar, the laundry room or any other rooms that do not require heating may have windows placed in the North.
In the case of a window located in the west, it will be necessary to provide a protection against the shaving sun of summer that can overheat the room.

Which opening size to create?

It should be noted that the RT2012 currently imposed for new construction requires at least a glazed surface of 1m² for 6m² of living space.
For sizes, we advise you to choose standard dimensions for a reason of convenience and cost. If you change the entire window or pane, you will have no trouble finding equivalence. It's the same for the curtains.

In regards to the type of windowit's up to you to choose according to your desires and the usefulness of the opening. For a kitchen, you can install a window and / or a single door window for direct access to a terrace. A sliding door or a double door window are more suitable for the living room or stay for maximum clarity.

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