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Every square meter on paper translates into cost in reality. That's why you have to take the time to think about the layout plan of your house to optimize the space.

Plan of arrangement: some advices to arrange the rooms of a house

Plan of arrangement: some advices to arrange the rooms of a house

Interior layout of the house: limit the clearances

The movement between different areas of the house is done by clearances (corridors, hall, stairs). The rule is that these spaces do not represent more than 10% of the total living space.
The corridor should be neither too wide nor too narrow. A person must to be able to circulate without constraint. The minimum width is that of the door leading to the corridor: minimum 80 cm.
For the lobby, the ideal is that two people can cross. Make sure that it serves on one side, the day part and the other, the night part
It's the same for the stairs, unless you really have space constraints, choose a sufficiently large model.

Interior layout of the house: guarantee your privacy

Ensure the privacy of the night part and avoid that you have to go through to reach the garage or storeroom. These service pieces belong to the day zone.

Always to preserve your intimacy, place the toilets between the zone night and the zone day. It serves both parts of the house while preventing your guests from going to the rooms. And above all, avoid that the toilet opens directly on the living rooms. Have it open on a corridor.

In the same spirit, a bathroom (or a dressing) arranged between the room of the parents and those of the children will be the guarantee of the tranquility of each one. Especially when the kids are grown up.
For a two-storey house, avoid that the children's rooms are located just above the dining room. You can receive guests without much fear of noise.

Interior layout of the house: think closets and storage!

It is from the plan that we must think about the location of the cupboards. Built-in closets, floor-to-ceiling, allow efficient storage and free space.
In the bedrooms, position the doors so that you can free a full wall (or at least half a wall) to integrate a dressing. For two adjoining rooms, the cupboards can be staggered to occupy a half wall in each room.

In the entrance, think about place a cloakroom to store jackets, coats, shoes and bags.
Choose the door system depending on the space you have in front of the closet. For swinging doors, clearance is approximately 1 m. For accordion doors, the travel is 50 to 60 cm. It is bad for sliding doors.

Place the openings correctly

When you walk in the house, the ideal is that your eyes never hit a wall. You must be able to look outward. Try to place windows and doors with this concept in mind.

To comply with RT 2012 (thermal regulation) the glazed surface must be greater than or equal to 1/6 of the living space. You get the most out of the natural light and the calories brought by the sun.
The best is to install at least 50% of glazing on the south facade and less than 10% on the north facade. Depending on the region where you live, plan to protect yourself from the summer sun: roof, pergola, awning, etc.

What about mezzanines and guest rooms?

If you have enough space and the budget that goes with it, do yourself a favor. If not, think about what you will actually do with these spaces.

What will you use a mezzanine? Not to mention that this space all in height is not very economical to heat. Are you going to make an office, a private room, a reading corner? Think carefully before putting it in your plan...

The same applies to the guest room. Unless you receive very regularly, how often will it be used in the year? Plan instead a versatile piece that serves as a desk (which avoids cluttering the living room or bedroom) and which easily becomes a room with a bedding (sofa bed or BZ) quality.

Interior layout: keep some walls...

Fashion is big living rooms with a largely open kitchen, a seating area and a dining area. In addition, large windows open the house on the garden. It's true that this layout is very user-friendly. But still keep a few pieces of wall to arrange your furniture.

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