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The plancha is the ally of all the cooks amateurs of a healthy and balanced cooking. Focus on professional plancha for pros and gourmets.

Professional planchas

Professional planchas

What do we call professional plancha?

The term Professional plancha describes the one that differs from the table plancha, small, not powerful, to use occasionally in family. The professional plancha has been designed to be used daily and for cook many foods at the same time. It offers a faster build-up for grilling foods instantly. It settles of course in the professional kitchens but also in outside, at the private persons amateurs of cooking a la plancha.

There are professional planchas gas and professional planchas electrical. The professional gas planchas, to be used under a powerful extractor hood, are to be favored for rapid cooking at high temperature. Professional electric planchas are longer to heat and offer less power. They are to favor for a soft cooking of food.

The professional plancha can be built-in or built-in (built-in plancha) in a worktop.

The characteristics of professional plancha

  • The power a professional gas griddle can reach 6000 Watts while a professional electric griddle can reach up to 3500 Watts on average.
  • Professional planchas have variable dimensions. The largest models, measuring up to 90 cm wide by 48 cm deep, allow the cooking of several foods at the same time, at different temperatures. Generally, the width of the plancha varies according to the number of burners.
  • A professional gas griddle can count up to 3 burners. All lit at the same power, they quickly reach high temperatures. They can be lit at different temperatures for cooking several foods at the same time.
  • The coating of the plate: Professional planchas are generally designed in enamelled steel, which benefits from a long service life and which allows a limited food adhesion, or in stainless steel also offering a long service life.
  • The thickness of the plate influences plancha performance: the thicker the plate, the more heat is diffused instantaneously and homogeneously. The professional plancha has a plate about 18 mm thick.

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