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In many areas, the electric plane supplants its hand counterpart. Equipped with a double guide, it allows to execute the work with speed and precision.

Ryobi EPN - 7582N Electric Planer

Maker: Ryobi
Reference: EPN - 7582N
Power: 750 W
No load speed: 16,000 rpm
Number of irons: 2, reversible
Planing depth: 2 mm
Max planing width: 82 mm
Maximum depth of rabbet: 12 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg
Sound level: 98 dB (A) at work
Accessories: 2 parallel guides
Price generally found: 80,19 Euros (eco-tax included)

Use the tool

Getting started
The long handle sheathed with a two-material coating and the wheel of the micrometric depth adjustment, placed very forward, facilitate the grip and guiding. The whole is quite compact, allowing to obtain a center of gravity as low as possible. The micrometric adjustment is notched by "bearing" of 0.2 mm and a small "click" is heard when you are on a level pass. A button toggles chip ejection to the left or right of the device. The suction bag can be mounted without any special effort. Like many newer machines from this manufacturer, a light indicates power up.
The trigger is the entire length of the bottom of the handle, making it easier to start (to unlock at the touch of a button). The start is progressive and it takes a few seconds before starting planing, the time that the machine takes turns.

Thanks to the two parallel guides, the work on a rather thin song (door bottom, shelf...) is a simple formality. The setting is quite accurate if you adjust the depth by stopping on a "click" step. But a position between two notches does not necessarily give a depth plus 0.1 mm. If you lack experience, be careful at the end: like any electric plane, it is necessary to relieve the pressure on the base so as not to dig.

If the lateral guidance is excellent for planing the songs, it lacks a little rigidity to ensure a really accurate work when you want to make a rabbet. Even when tightening the screws thoroughly, a slight "play" remains as the fixing of the guide is located very forward.

The suction bag plays its role well and few are the wood dust that fall on the workbench (or the ground). On the other hand, it is often necessary to empty the bag so that this function is totally effective, in particular when deep planing. Fortunately, the opening of the bag is wide enough to facilitate emptying.

When the work is done, a spring-mounted safety bracket on the back of the footplate avoids any risk of contact between the irons and the workbench surface.


  • Good grip and chip extraction system well designed with tilting ejection to the right or left.
  • Easy to maneuver and read depth settings.
  • The cladding of the handle offers comfort of grip.
  • The two reversible irons are easy to replace and the toothed belt is accessible.

The lessers

  • If it is convenient to have two guides when planing a door edge, their quality has proved to be a bit fair when making a rabbet.

Our opinion

With both guides mounted, impossible to miss his shot when planing a door sill. Good general comfort and sufficient power to work hard woods such as oak. Remains a guide system perfectible for rebates.

Correct a tablet

Correct a tablet

With both guides installed, you are sure to always work perpendicular to the panel faces. An advantage if you want to correct a fairly thin tablet.

Set the pass depth

Set the pass depth

The operation of the front wheel controls the setting of the pass depth. Depth can be refined in increments of 0.2 mm to a depth of 2 mm.

Video Instruction: Hoblík Ryobi EPN 7582 NHG - Hand Planer, ryobi.EU