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The plane is part of the hand tools said of coroyage, that is to say tools which make it possible to remove a little wood with each pass to bring it to a precise dimension and also to make the surface of it flat. This is the case of the plane, of which there are two versions: with parallelepipedal wood casing and with "American" metal carcass. To use it, the gesture must be ample and regular and well timed.

Whatever the type, the planer must be adjusted precisely, so that only a small portion of the blade is allowed to protrude from the shaft or sole. It will take only a tiny thickness of wood in each pass, forming, each time, a regular chip that will naturally wind on itself. In addition to this adjustment, the blade must be perfectly sharp to cut the wood with minimal effort. It also involves finding the "thread of the wood", that is to say the orientation of the veins of it.


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