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Far from the worries of the day, the stress of work and the hustle and bustle of the city, the bathroom is more and more a space in its own right that has to fulfill both a practical function - one makes its toilet - but it has also become a place of relaxation. That's why, the layout of a bathroom, especially if it is small, must meet our needs and therefore, have plenty of storage space but we must not sacrifice the aesthetics and comfort that would prevent relaxation. A small bathroom can be easily converted the whole thing is to create a sense of space and optimize it.

Bathroom fittings: A relaxation area for small spaces

Bathroom fittings: A relaxation area for small spaces

Shower or bath?

The question is already thorny for large spaces, so when it comes to narrower room, it is even more necessary to look into the problem.
In truth, everything depends on the configuration of the room. If it is rather square or rectangular, a bathtub can be quite suitable. To increase the effect of hot water on your muscles and your entire body, manufacturers have created ergonomic whirlpools. This bathtub, which conforms to your shape and gives you a massage with its jets of water, will make you feel like you're in a spa.
By cons, do not try to integrate a bathtub at all costs to your bathroom. A bathtub whose size is less than 160-170cm will not allow you to lie down, the beneficial effects of hot water will be reduced. In this case, a walk-in shower, larger than a conventional shower, is the solution. In addition, you can easily install a small bench to make the most of the remaining heat.

Nature in the spotlight in your bathroom

The "Call of Nature" is also at home. A relaxing bathroom includes natural materials: wood furniture, stone... But nothing can replace the tranquility created by a green plant.
All plants can not adapt to the bathroom. In rooms such as the living room or the office, the temperatures and the humidity level are constant whereas in the bathroom, they will be subjected to temperatures of the higher the room will be small, the rate of humidity will be extremely variable. It is therefore preferable to choose varieties that can adapt to such conditions.

Tropical plants seem to be the only ones to fulfill all these characteristics. Generally robust and accustomed to changes in temperature, they will bring a little air of travel to your bathroom.
Do not take them too big or they might take up a lot of space in your room. The trick is to choose small ones that you can hang on the walls or put on top of a shelf. Take, however, keep to provide him with sufficient brightness for his blossoming.
Of course, it is strongly advised to inquire of his gardener to know the conditions of maintenance.

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