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Plant coming from Asia or Latin America, the pilea is a succulent plant which is very appreciated for its original foliage and very varied according to the species. The best known of all is the pilea peperomioides, also called Chinese currency plant. Find out what pilea is, how to plant it and how to maintain it on a daily basis.

Inner plant: the pilea

Inner plant: the pilea

What is the pilea?

The pilea is a kind of subtropical plants which includes more than 600 species from Asia or Latin America. The pilea peperomioides, also known as the Chinese currency plant, is the best known and the most widespread of all. Appreciated as a houseplant, it is decorative, economical and easy to maintain. Its round, slightly fleshy leaves are reminiscent of small water lilies. There are other varieties of pilea such as pilea cadieri (the aluminum plant), pilea involucrata or pilea microphylla (fireworks plant). The best known remaining pilea peperomioides and pilea cadieri.

How to plant the pilea?

The pilea is a houseplant that likes light but can not stand to be in full sun. It is recommended to keep it away from heat sources like heating or fireplaces. The ideal is to keep it in a room at 23° C during the day and 15-16° C at night. To grow well, the pilea has need moisture. It must therefore be planted in a horticultural soil drained and keep it on a tray filled with moist clay balls. The pilea can reach up to 60 cm high.
It is possible to find pileas all year round at florists and nurseries but if you want to repot your pilea, it is best to do it in the spring.
Know that the pilea can not stand the cold and even less the gel. Leave your pot indoors in a room with a minimum of 10° C.

How to maintain the pilea?

The pilea needs a lot of light and water to grow properly. Place it in a sunny room but not right next to the window. Water about twice a week but in small quantities so as not to flood the roots. It is possible to add some special fertilizer houseplant in spring and summer.

Good to know: the pilea is not a plant appreciated for its flowering. It sometimes gives pink or beige flowers but they are very small and are very little visible.

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