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Introducing an imposing subject into a garden is not negligent. We must choose the plant, the place, and put in place carefully.

Plant an ornamental tree

The development and growth of an ornamental tree largely depends on the choice and care of the roots during planting. Ideally, seedlings sold in containers should not have deformed or rolled roots. If so, do not hesitate to untie and cut them. They can be planted in the coming days, in early spring. Also choose trees with vigorous young shoots that will look beautiful.

Prepare your tools!

To start planting, prepare your tools and plan all the equipment at your fingertips. After digging a hole to plant the root ball, loosen the soil thoroughly by giving a few spades to the bottom of the hole. In order for the roots to adapt more easily to this new ground, then mix potting soil and deposit it in the excavation: the soil around the mound must become a suitable mixture for the development of rootlets. After placing the stake and filling the hole, form a watering bowl around the tree. Finally, mulch the ground or hoe the following days to keep the moisture.

Plant an ornamental tree: tree

Dig with a spade, a hole, two or three times wider and deeper than the clod to plant, then drop the extracted earth onto a tarpaulin square spread out beside the hole. Do as many heaps as shovels. Loosen the soil thoroughly.

Plant an ornamental tree: hole

Deposit potting soil in the hole and stir it well with the bottom soil. Remove the clod from its packaging and remove the damaged or tangled roots. Position the tree in the center of the hole, the first roots to be flush. Then chock with earth.

Plant an ornamental tree: ornamental

Push a guardian using a mass, closer to the trunk, without touching the roots. Attach the tree to it. Re-fill the hole with the soil from the bottom. Finish with the surface earth and then tamp it without much stress. Water copiously around the foot.

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