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If the summer invites to idleness and to take advantage of the garden lying on the lawn the fingers of fan-shaped feet, it is nevertheless not necessary to relax too much. Nature is in full activity: Everything grows, flowers, fruit... The most beautiful flowers like weeds! And if the drought settles, it is the whole garden that will suffer. But with a little organization, you can easily maintain the garden in the summer.

Maintain a garden in summer

Maintain a garden in summer

The maintenance of flowering plants in the summer

To enjoy beautiful flowers throughout the summer season, you will need to provide some essential care:

  • At the very beginning of summer, it's the last moment to finish the size of the shrubs that flowered during the spring.
  • Tall plants need to be staked. Bring them that supports because the weight of the flowers or the wind can break them.
  • This is the time to divide clumps of 2 or 3 year old perennials that have given flowers in the spring. You will have new plants.
  • Regularly cut faded flowers whether perennials or annuals. It is a way of fortifying plants and stimulating the production of new flowers.

Maintenance of trees and shrubs in summer

At the beginning of July, it is the right moment to bring fertilizer with trees and shrubs ornament.
If the weather is dry, consider watering your seedlings. They are not yet strong enough to withstand even short drought.
Trim the hedges regularly.

The maintenance of roses in summer

Remove the faded roses and do not let them grow.
Cut the greedy ones, that is to say the rejections that grow at the feet of the roses. They can in the reserves of the plant.
If you water, avoid wetting the leaves to avoid the appearance of powdery mildew.

The grass in summer

If you have not done it yet, at the beginning of July, bring grass fertilizer. Then use, preferably a bottom fertilizer.
Mow regularly to maintain the vigor of your lawn. But do not mow too short especially if the weather is dry. Make sure mow your lawn and why not, mow more ecologically.
If you water your lawn, water without wasting water.

Garden watering in summer

Plants like all living things need water. And especially flowers are in great need of water. Do not forget it before succumbing to the beauty of the potées proposed in gardening...
If the weather is dry, after a few days you will have to water.
To water your plantations in summer, preferably water early in the morning or at the end of the day. Never water in the sun, 70% of the water will evaporate. Accustom your plants to moderation and do not drown them.
Before watering, chase or soil the soil so that water (rain or water) enters the soil.
Think of straw. Use mulches sold in garden centers or take grass clippings. On clean and weeded soil, spread 3 to 5 cm of mulching. The soil will keep its freshness and humidity. In addition, weeds will not grow.

Enjoy the beautiful days because soon, autumn will be there. And ' the summer that runs away is a friend who leaves... »(Victor Hugo)

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