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Planting a garden hedge helps protect the privacy of a property, a pleasant alternative to walls and fences. Steps to follow, spacing required between shrubs, possible arrangements... our advice to start planting a garden hedge.

Planting a garden hedge

Planting a garden hedge

Steps of planting a garden hedge

A garden hedge is planted all year (except freezing periods) following different stages of planting.

1. We start by delimiting the location of the hedge using a cord (rope stretched between two points to draw a straight line).

2. We dig a trench 60 cm wide for a depth of 50 cm.

3. Depending on the species that make up the hedge:

  • potting soil is mixed with the soil extracted from the soil before planting conifers;
  • fertilizer is deposited in the bottom slightly burrowed of the trench before planting shrubs.

4. Plants are placed in the trench respecting the planting distances inherent to each species.

5. The trench is capped with a mixture of soil, fertilizer or potting soil and compacted with a mass. Stakes are installed in the ground (frames to help plants to grow properly).

6. The hedge is watered abundantly.

Arrangements and distances for planting a garden hedge

Planting a hedge is done in a straight line or staggered, this second solution offering a better visual balance to the hedge.

The shrubs are planted according to certain planting distances adapted to the chosen layout but also to the development of the trees.

Height of the hedgeSpacing between shrubs
Less than or equal to 1 m50 cm
Greater than 1 m60 to 70 cm
Greater than 2 m80 cm

A hedge can reach all heights between 50 cm and more than 3 m. Depending on its size, some rules of "good neighborhood"will have to be taken into account:

  • 50 cm spacing between the garden line and the hedge, when the latter does not exceed 2 m in height.
  • spacing increased to 2 m between the edge of the garden and the hedge when it exceeds 2 m in height.

Video Instruction: How to plant a garden hedge