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Gypsum board under crawling roof

When installing Placo® in the attic 45° should always be laid a rail on the ground knowing that the first cross is 25 cm from the ground horizontally. Because the craftsman who puts it to me tells me that it does not matter and that the plate will not move.

For reasons of ease of use of the place, the covering of the crawlers is often stopped at about 50 cm from the ground, to finish in vertical, the inclined low parts being unusable and difficult to clean. This small vertical part also makes it possible to fix on the ground a horizontal rail, on which will be screwed the drywall.
In the case of mounting the photo, the lower part of the doubling may indeed have some flexibility, and this assembly also does not facilitate the installation of a skirting board.
If the work is not finalized, it is not too late to finish with a small vertical part stiffened by a rail on the ground. If the dubbing is completed, it is also possible to recreate a vertical part, always starting from a rail fixed to the ground, this addition then masking the part of the dubbed down to the ground.

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