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Placo® Duo'Tech® 25 Sound Insulation Board

The acoustic regulation of health facilities is particularly demanding in terms of sound insulation. Placo® Duo'Tech® 25 plasterboard has been specifically designed to meet the sound insulation requirements of healthcare facilities.

Technology and range

Technology and range

Placo technology®Duo'Tech®25 consists of two 12.5 mm specific sidings and an interposed acoustic film. This allows dissipation of acoustic energy with vibration damping in the plates for exceptional performance.

Placo plasterboard®Duo'Tech®25 is available in standard version and Marine version for wet rooms. Placo®expands its range with a product specifically dedicated to hospitals and health buildings: Placo®Duo'Tech®25 Activ'Air®which combines acoustic comfort and indoor air quality by incorporating Activ'Air technology®.

The implementation is identical to that of the other 25 mm thick plates. The spacing between the frames is 0.90 m or 0.45 m depending on the desired height. When using Stil acoustic profiles®MSP 48-50, screwing Placo plates®Duo'Tech®25 must be made with TTPC screws up to 35 mm long to guarantee the acoustic performance of the partitions.

Acoustic performances

Acoustic performances

The very high acoustic performance of Placo® Duo'Tech® 25 are obtained with the combination of mineral wool. With Stil amounts®ML 48-50, the gain is 6 dB compared to a work without wool, a RAT total of 53 dB.
With Stil frames®MPS 48-50, the acoustic gain is 9 dB or a RAT total of 57 dB.

A solution for collective housing and the hotel industry

Duo'Tech dividing walls® types SAA or SAD are intended for the realization of partition walls between hotel rooms and between apartments in collective housing. They achieve acoustic performance up to 66 dB (RAT) in partition SAD 160.

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A pioneer in plasterboard, Placoplatre retains its spirit of innovation by offering efficient, easy-to-implement and environmentally friendly solutions for sustainable buildings and interior design.

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