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How to apply the ten-year guarantee when the company in question does not respond to letters or telephone. His insurer is no more lucky than us. We do not have the contact information of the previous owners who had the house built. Should we appeal to justice? bailiff? lawyer?

The decennial can only work in the 10 years following the reception of the site by the former owners. Normally, if you bought during these ten years, the notary had to tell you that the sellers had or had not taken out insurance damage-book... - If so, no problem: play this insurance. - If this is not the case, you have been imprudent to buy... In such a case, however, the seller could be, in my opinion, called as a ten-year guarantee. If you no longer have his address, go through the notary by mentioning his possible liability if he did not inform you clearly of the absence of damage-book.

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