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As the name suggests, the pleasure garden is a place made for pleasure, for rest, to receive friends in all friendliness. It's also a place where the family can meet. It's actually a place of freedom. Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, it takes a little organization to create a garden full of pleasure!

The pleasure garden

The pleasure garden

Organize your pleasure garden

To speak of pleasure garden is to evoke an outdoor space at home but which in the beautiful season becomes its extension and especially that is organized to be pleasant. Depending on the size of your garden and its environment, depending on the region where you live, the amenities of your garden will not be the same.

Ask yourself these questions too:

  • How long do you want to maintain your garden? If you have little free time, limit the plants requiring a lot of size and watering. Favor the perennials. Choose a lawn that requires little maintenance.
  • What are the legal and planning constraints compared to your neighborhood? Check what kind of hedges you can plant? If you need to fence, what materials can you use?
  • What do you want to do in your garden? Is it a garden for your children, to receive friends? Is your garden secret, cocoon cozy to relax?
  • What type of land do you have in the garden? What is his orientation? If you garden is located in the open air, in the shade or in the sun, you will not plant the same plants or choose the same grass.

For your garden to remain a pleasure and not become a wild place and too difficult to maintain, you must define your priorities and organize your project. If you doubt about yourself, do not hesitate to do call a professional who will guide you.

The different types of pleasure garden

A typical amenity garden usually includes a lawn, flower beds and shrubs, some trees, a dining area, a relaxation area and eventually a play area for kids.

Depending on your taste, the area, the layout and the style of your house you will arrange these elements in the space dedicated to the garden. You can do it by giving free choice to your imagination. But you can also order your garden around a theme. Here are some examples:

  • A Japanese garden that is organized between two or three rocks and a fountain.
  • A French garden with symmetrical walkways and topiaries.
  • An English style garden that looks wild but is not!
  • A contemporary garden with XXL flower boxes and LED lighting.
  • A vertical garden for the pleasure of having a bit of greenery even in a limited space.

Each type of garden responds to a philosophy, a certain way of being or expresses what one aspires... So let speak your sensitivity and your creativity. This garden is yours...

A pleasure garden integrated into its environment

In all cases, consider the environment.
Locate the highlights of your garden to highlight: A beautiful view of the countryside, an old stone wall, a sunny corner well sheltered from the wind, a beautiful tree already existing, etc.

On the contrary, be imaginative to hide what should be: To hide a wall, install climbing plants, paw some fruit in front or install a statue with shrubs around and make it the attraction of the garden!

If you are surrounded by houses preserve your privacy through a flowering hedge adapted to the quality of your soil.
If you plant trees, install them at least 6 m from the house. Small tree will grow and its shadow, falling leaves, branches broken by the winds can become troublesome a few years later.
Feel free to leave a wilder place to preserve the biodiversity and invite useful insects and birds into your garden.

In conclusion: Create a garden that suits you and where you will feel good. A very simple garden can lose its banality with judiciously chosen accessories: a fountain, an old wheelbarrow full of flowers, some aromatic plants at the kitchen door, Japanese steps to cross the lawn, etc.

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