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Embedding the drain into the floor thickness is sometimes impossible in the case of a shower without a receiver. It must be put in place at ground level and sink a slab that takes the thickness of the evacuation at the location of the future shower. Only drawback: your installation will no longer actually walk, except to raise the entire bathroom!

Embed a shower in the floor

Position the drain of a shower before pouring a concrete slab

  • Block the drain with the adhesive mortar at the precise height of the concrete slab that must be poured.

Pour a concrete slab around a shower drain

  • Place a protection on the bung and pour the concrete slab dosed at 250kg / m³.
  • Shoot the ruler then smooth.

Glue the tray and the tile before showering

  • Proceed as for the installation of a shower in the classic Italian: paste receiver and slab.
  • Align the receiver firmly with the bung hole.

Video Instruction: How to Install Shower Drain Pipe Part 3