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Plumbing problems

Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bathroom, toilet, many places where plumbing problems often arise and where repairs are urgently needed!

Line obstruction, tap dripping, flush that no longer stops flowing, leakage on a pipe, require to quickly find a solution because, it is well known, a plumber does not move for so little or well you take a fortune to change a simple faucet joint. Yet solutions exist: here are some of them.

Clogged drains

The accumulation of fat, food waste, hair is the main cause of pipe obstruction. The caps are mainly formed:

  • at the siphon (the receptacle that is located directly under the drain of the sink, sink, shower tray or tub). Disassemble and remove debris or hair, most often helps to solve the problem;
  • in an elbow of the sewage pipe.

When the water is no longer drained from the plumbing fixture or sink, unblocking can be done:
  • chemically;
  • mechanically (with a pressure vessel or ferret).

Leaking faucet

The dripping faucet is not only nagging: it ends up costing money! Except for the modern, thermostatic type faucets, which can not be operated by yourself, all rotary handle faucets can be repaired more or less easily by simply replacing the seals (provided you purchase the good ones and own the right keys!).

Flush flush

The flush that keeps filling and even going off alone in the middle of the night has something unbearable to do. Older models, with conventional float, are in principle not very difficult to repair. It is different for modern mechanisms, but are, on the other hand, easy to replace.

Leak on a pipe

Pipes and fittings sometimes come to flee, first insidiously then massively. You have to know how to intervene urgently to avoid serious damage. There is no question, here, to explain how to rewire two tubes or redo a whole part of installation, but only to take the necessary emergency measures and do some makeshift repairs to avoid the worst and most importantly, allow you to continue using the facility while waiting for the plumber, which, we know, may take some time.

The classic problems

  • Washbasin, bathtub or sink clogged.
  • Faucet leaking.
  • Flush that keeps filling.
  • Leak on a pipe.

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