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On PER tubes, the connections used require only a few tools and are easy to install. In any case, it is best to leave them accessible.

Choosing PER plumbing fittings

Sliding connection

This brass fitting has a ring nut and a sliding bushing.
To implement it, it is necessary to use a pliers to widen the diameter of the tube at its end and facilitates the insertion of the nipple, as well as a sliding clamp which makes it possible to put the sliding ring.
Its set of jaws of different sizes adapts to the diameter of the tubes and fittings to be assembled.

Insert the sliding sleeve on the PER tube

Cut the tube well perpendicularly using the pipe cutter and insert the sliding sleeve.

Distort the PER tube slightly

Use the flail for widening the end of the tube.
Proceed gently for regular deformation.

leave 3mm between tube and shoulder

Insert the fitting into the flared end.
Do not push it completely, leave 3mm between the shoulder and the tube.

insert the tube into the slide clamp

Equip the slip pliers with the jaws corresponding to the size of the tube and fitting, then insert the tube.

slide the bushing on the tube up to the shoulder of the fitting

Slide the bushing over the tube to the shoulder of the fitting (the tube should no longer be visible).

Compression fitting

Consisting of a nut, a clamping ring and an insert (or nipple), this connection is extremely simple to implement.
Sliding on the tube, the compression fitting requires only two wrenches to tighten it: a wrench and a pliers.
Attention, this type of connection must always be accessible, it must not in any case embed it or drown it in the ground.

slide the nut and the ring into the tube

Cut the tube with the pliers to obtain a perfectly perpendicular cut then slip the nut and the ring.

only the thread of the nut should be visible

Push the teat into the tube as far as it will go so that only the thread of the nut is visible.

tighten the refusal nut

Tighten the rejection nut with a wrench and pliers.
The tube is crushed and the seal is assured.

The automatic connection

PER tube

Compatible with PER, but also with copper, this connection is extremely easy to use since no tools are required to perform the assembly.
Simply cut the tube straight and insert it into the fitting: you feel that it snaps, and it's over.
On the other hand, when dismounting, it requires a special clamp. In any case, it must remain accessible.

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