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Your faucet makes scary sounds, you see that the water does not always have the same flow. But to the naked eye, you do not see any anomalies and no leaks. So think "pressure regulator". What is the purpose of this device, how does it work?

Pressure regulator, outline

Installed at the entrance of the water network for a pavilion as for an apartment, this device reduces the pressure of the water which crosses it, and makes it possible to obtain at its exit a regulated and constant value. There are two types: those that provide a fixed pressure and those that allow modulate the pressure.

The pressure regulator protects your sanitary system from problems caused by excessive pressure. It is used to prevent noise in the pipes, accidental splashing and premature wear of household appliances and faucets. It is particularly recommended as a measure anti ram preventive.

Whatever the model, the pressure reducer is always equipped with a pressure gauge. Thanks to a shutter actuated by a spring, it makes it possible to reduce the pressure of the water which arrives in the pipelines in a constant or punctual way. This even if your taps are in the closed position.

Insensitive to corrosion, it meets the new sanitary standards on the compatibility of materials in contact with drinking water. To install it is strongly recommended to go through a professional who will also give you all the tips for use and maintenance.

A preventive measure that saves water

Even if you do not notice a significant incident, the water saver is always a good thing when it comes to saving money. Knowing that 30% of the water used in a house is heated, a regulated pressure supply allows to use less water and therefore to consume energy.

The saving in water is particularly evident during simultaneous draws. The flush is less noisy and the taps do not splash.

To know. To save water, also watch for leaks. These can sometimes represent 3 m3 of water lost per day! Think also of small devices very accessible as the stop-shower, aerator aerators, shower heads with aerator and toilet cisterns double control.

Video Instruction: How To Install a Pressure Reducing Valve and Adjust Water Pressure