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Plumbing by welded or soldered connections

In plumbing, the assembly of the tubes is conventionally done by welding, in fact by brazing since it is a molten filler metal which ensures the connection of the tubes and fittings. For the amateur and even for many professionals, the connection is made by connectors (sleeves, cutters, tees, etc.) assembled on both sides by the contribution of the molten metal (solder). This is the type of plumbing installation "noble", which, when it is well done, ensures perfect rigidity of assembly and especially a steadfast seal.

The welding torch is the most used tool for welding (brazing) copper fittings and tubes, or tubes between them. It is not always easy to reach the ideal temperature that allows the filler metal (tin-based) to "spin" by capillarity in the thin interstice between tube and fitting. It is often necessary to train empirically to achieve this.

Plumbing by welded or soldered connections

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