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Graphite polystyrene is an excellent thermal insulator. In doubling complex, it arises as well on wood or metal frame as by bonding with adhesive mortar.

Thermal lining: install a polystyrene graphite insulation

Suitable for the renovation of walls and ceilings, the panels implemented here (Panelplac Reno Ultra 32 by Home Pratik) offer the added advantage of being easily manipulated, even in narrow passages, thanks to their width (60 cm) and their weight (16 to 18 kg depending on the thickness).

laying cleats on the wall for thermal lining

On an irregular wall, lay staggered cleats.
Space them 5 to 10 cm to allow air circulation.

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prepare the laying of insulating plates

At the foot of the wall, place shims (10 mm thick) or drops of plasterboard.

false footing for insulation installation

In the event of a false alignment of the adjacent wall, the first panel is positioned 55 cm from the corner.

to fix the insulating panels of a thermal doubling

Hold the panel with a few screws and check the plumb.
Draw the fixing pins in the alignment of the cleats.

screw a thermal insulation board

Screw every 15 cm.
Adjust the torque of the screwdriver so as not to pierce the plate.

to achieve the glued installation of its polystyrene insulating panels

In glued application, place the adhesive mortar on the back of the panel in blocks of 10 cm in diameter, in regular rows spaced 30 cm.

stick polystyrene panels

Position the panel and press all the way up with a cleat or a mason's ruler.
Check each time the verticality on edge and face.

grouting its insulating panels

When the wall is completely lined, grout the expansive polyurethane foam at the periphery.
The araser with the cutter after drying.

how to coat joints with drywall

It only remains to coat the joints.
Handyman's tip Some plasterers add some adhesive mortar to the plaster to make it harder to dry and avoid shrinkage.

Video Instruction: Flame-retardant styrofoam (EPS) by SHIELDBOARD