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Polystyrenes (PS)

The last of the five most common plastics, polystyrene is a well-known polymer due to its small white ball shape when expanded. It is also in a rigid form through many common objects.

When expanded, polystyrene is a very good thermal insulator, easy to implement, against this structure makes it easily flammable. In its crystalline form (unexpanded) it is a relatively rigid material but more or less resistant to shocks depending on its composition.

In what form is this material found in the house?

Polystyrene is found everywhere in the house: jars of yoghurt, toothbrushes, toys, audio cassettes, interiors of refrigerators...

In expanded form, it is used as boxes for eggs, packaging for fragile objects or as insulation in the building.

How to recognize this material:

Polystyrene is characterized by its black smoke and strong odor when passing a flame on it. In addition, white streaks appear very quickly as soon as this material is subjected to slight twists.

How to work and tinker with this material:

Polystyrene is easy to stick with an epoxy adhesive.

It is a very easy material to pierce. We recommend using hand saws or an electric circular saw to cut it.

Remember to protect your ears if you cut expanded polystyrene, to lessen the unpleasant squeaks that friction generates on this material.

Video Instruction: What is PS?