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We have an insulation of the roofs of a working house of the 1920s. Having little space, we are offered 2 types of insulation: polyurethane or Airflex. Can you help us in this choice and can you give us: - the fire resistance of the polyurethane - the R of each - the S of each and all other elements to allow us to see more clearly.

First of all, if polyurethane is an excellent insulator, IMRs (thin reflective insulation) are only considered by the CSTB and the public authorities as "insulation complements". Their manufacturers do not provide a coefficient R according to conventional recognized methods of assessing the thermal resistance. They are therefore not accessible to tax credits. In any case, note that the R is a function of the thickness and is not an intrinsic value. As an indication, know that sandwich panels based on polyurethane 8 cm thick offer an R of about 3.5 which is significantly higher than the mineral wool. Their fire classification is B.

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