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Imagine a summer evening, the moon is reflected on the calm water of your pond and the murmur of water that escapes into a small waterfall, gives replica to crickets and nightingales... But before to install this piece of paradise in your garden, take the time to organize your project. Creating a pool of pleasure can not be improvised.

The ponds of approval

The ponds of approval

What type of amenity ponds to choose?

In fact, it's the size and the way you design your ornamental pond that will guide your choice:

  • The preformed basin: It is quick to install but its forms are frozen. On the other hand, planting areas of plants are well defined. Depending on its size, it can be installed above ground, on a terrace for example. Then you just need to dress the edge elegantly so that it fits your decor.
    Designed in polyethylene, it presents a good quality / price ratio. Made of fiberglass and resin, it is stronger but also more expensive.
  • The pond in tarpaulin: It is longer to install but it gives you greater freedom. Apart from the technical constraints, it is you who choose the shape and size of your ornamental pond.
    The essential element of your project is the choice of the plastic sheeting that will ensure the watertightness of your basin: the EPDM tarpaulin is the most expensive but also the most resistant compared to the PVC tarpaulin.
  • The masonry basin: It is the longest to implement and it requires a larger earthwork. As seasons go by, cracks can appear and compromise the strength and tightness of the pool. There are actually much faster and ultimately less expensive solutions!

A landscaper or pond specialist will always be able to advise you on what is best for you. Do not hesitate to use the services of these specialists.

Where to install your pleasure pond?

In order for your pond to become a place of peace and harmony, you must choose its location carefully:

  • Sunshine: Your pond should have at least 6 hours of sunshine a day. Too much shade or too much sun will promote the development of algae. But depending on its depth, it will react differently to the heat of summer and the freezing of winter. Therefore, if you want a pond with fish, it should have sufficient depth.
  • The proximity of trees: Do not set your pond too close to trees or even shrubs. In autumn, the fall of the leaves in the water and their decomposition would lead to the formation of silt.
  • A stable zone: Avoid planting your pond in a bowl unless you wish a natural pond, but the concept is totally different. During periods of heavy rain, especially if your soil is clay, the pond and its nearby facilities may be submerged.
  • An easy access zone: From the moment of conception, plan that you will have to supply it with water. You will also have to reject too much water or have to empty it to clean it. Depending on the size, this can make a large volume.
    In addition, essential equipment like the pump and the filters work with electricity. Either the electrical connections are close to your pond, or you will have to bring them nearby.
    And for the maintenance of your pond, you will need to access the entire basin and its facilities easily. Remember that the larger the pool (at least 10 m²), the easier it is to maintain as it self-regulates.

A pond of approval in legality and in all safety

Before you start work, always check what you have the right to do or not to do in your garden. Inquire at your town hall. You may need to make a declaration of work.
Because your pool is not a swimming pool, the rules for swimming pool safety do not apply. Nevertheless, having a water point more or less deep in your home, can be a source of danger especially if you have young children. Design your project taking into account this potential risk.

And now enjoy your pleasure pool... Source of relaxation, pleasure and wonder for young and old, it will evolve over the seasons and years. It is the undisputed adornment of your garden.

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