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The use of a pool cover is paramount. This pool cover is designed to protect the water in your pool and keep it clean at all times. It also ensures the safety of your children and your pets. Zoom on the different pool covers...

Pool covers

Pool covers

The bubble cover

This pool cover land on the water of your pond with great ease. In addition to the guarantee of clean water, it also has an isothermal function: the water temperature of the pool is maintained allowing swimming at any time. The temperature can even be increased if you choose the model of solar bubble cover. This type of cover, also called " summer tarpaulin Is primarily intended for the seasonal protection of your pond during its period of use. The price of a bubble cover varies depending on the type of pool and its size. For a above ground poolyou will find from 10 euros per m².

For a inground pool or semi-buried, several criteria will vary the price: the size of the pool, the material of the cover, the desired performances... For this type of pool, the range of price for a bubble cover is between 20 euros and 130 euros.

Caution: pool covers provide some of the safety of the pool but they do not exclude others pool safety devices (alarm, barrier...).

Wintering cover

As the name suggests, this winter cover Its mission is to protect your pond during the period it is not in use. Before installation, the water must be properly cleaned and the filter system stopped. The tarpaulin is then positioned on the basin. The winter cover guarantees the protection of water against impurities and frost.

Rigid and resistant, the winter cover also ensures safety, avoiding the risk of falling into the water and the risk of drowning. Generally sold per m², the price of this type of protection depends mainly on the size of your pool.

The first price of a winter tarpaulin is around 10 euros per m².

To simplify the handling of your blanket on a daily basis, you can install a pool cover winder.

Bar coverage

Also called security cover, it is a product that combines the functions of the two models described above. A single investment therefore to ensure cleanliness, heat and safety to your pool throughout the year. It is composed of PVC fabric to which are added metal bars, ensuring greater resistance. Sold by m², again the cost depends on the size of your pond (about 20/30 euros per sqm).

The first price of a bar cover can be found from 500 euros and can climb up to more than 1000 euros. To facilitate the use of a pool cover, it is advisable to install a motorized system as a automatic winder pool cover.

Covering your pool is sure to enjoy a swim in the best conditions. The water stays warm and the basin cleaning is faster and less frequent. It also ensures the safety of children and animals by limiting the risk of falls in the basin.

* All prices are given as an indication and vary depending on the size of your pool and the quality of the pool covers chosen.

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