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In the family of underground pools, the hull pool shares the spotlight with the traditional masonry pool. Deserved headliner because it has many advantages. It is sturdy, easy going and lends itself to almost any fantasy.

The hull pool

The hull pool

What is a hull pool?

The hull pool is part of the family of underground pools.
It is actually a monoblock basin molded in the factory. The structure of the shell is made of polyester resin (or a mixture of polyester and fiberglass) cast on foam or more rarely on a layer of acrylic. Depending on the shape and size of the pond, stiffening posts reinforce the hull.
When the pool is in place, the interior is covered with a resin-based coating, the gelcoat. It strengthens the tightness, smoothes the walls to limit the development of algae and ensures the beautiful color finish of the pool.

The advantages of the hull pool

Its success, which has not waned over the years, shows that the hull pool has many advantages especially compared to the built-in masonry pool.

  • The hull pool is quick to install. Outside earthworks, it only takes 2 to 3 days to install it.
  • The hull pool is sturdy. The polyester resin is solid and waterproof. Only the gelcoat layer requires a restoration every 10 years.
  • Maintenance of a hull pool is easier. The gelcoat becomes dirty less quickly than a liner or PVC membrane. It is also compatible with all chemical treatments.
  • The hull pool can take almost any shape. Basin mold shapes are as numerous as they are varied: round, oval, rectangular, square, bean or free form. The bottom can be flat, sloping or multilevel. The stairs or the gently sloping beach can be integrated everywhere around the pool.
  • The hull pool is less expensive than a masonry pool. Overall it is less expensive unless you choose an acrylic shell. And the more you choose a custom shape, the higher its price will go up.

The disadvantages of the hull pool

It will be too good, if the pool hull had only advantages! It also has some disadvantages, some of which are really crippling...

  • The hull pool must be able to be deposited on your ground. Whatever its size, the basin is monobloc. Delivery is usually by truck crane. Before ordering, check the accessibility of the site and, to install the pond, choose an easily affordable location. Otherwise, a helicopter delivery is possible but the price is not the same...
  • All equipment of the hull pool must be provided upon order. And any forgetfulness or change will cost you dearly. At the time of the realization of the hull, it is necessary to have planned the location of the different equipment (filtration, swimming against the current, etc.)
  • The hull pool is not suitable for all terrains. Depending on the quality and stability of the basement, a monoblock pond can easily deform or crack. The repair of a hull is more difficult than that of a masonry basin. However, if this risk has been taken into account since the installation and the risk has been realized as a result, the risk is limited.
  • The hull pool has its limits. If you want a truly free form or a very large pool, you will surely be interested in turning to the masonry pool. Especially that you must never lose sight of, that the hull must be delivered to you.

Like all underground pools, the pool hull according to its size requires a declaration of work (from 10 to 100 m²) or a building permit (more than 100 m²). Pools of less than 10 m² require no authorization unless you live in a protected area. It must be equipped with at least one approved safety device.

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