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Freestanding pools, the new generation

In recent years, a new type of pond has been invading our gardens. Above ground pools attract more and more French and are out of stock in some stores. Between freestanding, tubular and wooden, there is plenty of choice. To help you find the pool of your dreams HandymanDuDanche opens its first part of the pool folder on this new generation. Throughout the month of July, discover every Friday a new component to fully enjoy the summer and your pool safely.

Flexible freestanding pools

Freestanding pools, the new generation: generation

Affordable and easy to assemble, this type of pool operates according to a very simple mechanism. To put them in place simply inflate a pudding with an inflator or mouth, which rises at the same time as the walls when filling water. They consist of a layer of soft fabric and thick PVC fabric or rubber, inspired by marine technology. Round or oval these pools are available in many sizes ranging from 1 to 10m in diameter for circular models and up to 7 m in length for others. Shallow they have between 76 cm and 1m 32 of bottom. Their price ranges from 70 to 2000 euros, which gives everyone the opportunity to own one, even for smaller budgets.

The pros and cons

Freestanding pools, the new generation: pools

Their installation requires no technical skills and takes very little time is the major advantage of these pools. In addition they are not subject to any regulation which allows them to ask or you want without any building permit. However, they must be laid on flat ground and preferably on a tarpaulin. They are completely removable, which avoids any winter maintenance and makes their storage less problematic.

Unsightly these pools have trouble blending into the landscape. The low-end models are quite fragile and the rolls are very fast, requiring you to repair regularly with many patches. They have a rather limited lifespan and become porous after a season spent at the shed. To enjoy more than one season of your swimming pool you will have to carry out numerous and binding repairs... Moreover in the absence of filter, the stagnant water becomes very quickly dirty after some uses.

If you want to enjoy all summer of your pool, it will add to your budget expensive accessories and for the most essential such as an access ladder, a filtration system, an inflator and a backdrop that are generally not included in the basic kit.

Forget all the hustle and bustle in this kind of paddling pool if you do not want to see it overflow or even cause a rupture of the wall which would result in the permanent loss of your small pool.

Tubular freestanding pools

Freestanding pools, the new generation: pool

Very close to flexible pools, the tubulars make the difference on their aluminum structure that support their walls in reinforced PVC which makes them more robust and resistant than the freestanding flexible pools, and allows oval or rectangular shapes. The dimensions are a little larger, up to 11m in length for larger models. These pools are not subject to any regulation but still remain very dangerous for young children. Just like the soft pools there is no choice in color, which remains always blue and above all unsightly. Prices range from 350 to 6000 euros for high-end pools.

The pros and cons

As unsightly as the soft pools they are nonetheless more resistant. The installation of these can be very complicated and particularly long for large models contrary to what the manufacturers indicate. For the rest, they are similar to flexible pools combining cheap prices but also often poor quality. Note, however, that basic kits usually contain more accessories such as filter or access ladder, most of the time absent for flexible pools.

Rigid pools

Freestanding pools, the new generation: freestanding

With solid and fixed walls made of wood or resin steel, these kit pools offer greater comfort than freestanding ones. They are more stable and above all much more resistant than other above ground pools and can also be buried or semi-buried and are completely removable even if they can pass without any problem in winter in your garden. Level format everything is possible or almost (no round models) both in terms of depth and width and length and even the tailor-made. Prices range from 1000 to 25 000 euros.

The pros and cons

The wooden models, very pleasant to look at, are elegantly combined with all types of gardens. All the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of a swimming pool is generally included in the kit. Unlike other pools above ground, no risk of punctures or wall problems. It is unfortunate that these water features are complicated to install for novices.

If your pool is semi-buried or buried it must be accompanied by a safety device and a prior declaration of work.

Freestanding pools, the new generation: pool

If after all its information you still hesitate between the different models of freestanding pools HandymanDuDimanche allows you to give some additional tips. With a small budget or a garden in which you do not intend to stay very long, it is better to opt for a cheap flexible pool that will largely fulfill its role for a summer and end its life in a garbage dump (Do not forget to contact your town hall to find out about the recycling of this type of pool).

If you are ready to put the price in a valid installation, opt for the wooden pool option, combining safety, aesthetics and especially longevity that will make you spend many cool summers in your garden.

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