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An efficient boiler must not only be efficient and economical, but also work quietly. If a burst sound of a boiler is heard, it is not normal. It is not necessarily a serious problem, but checks and possible repairs must be made quickly by a specialist.

Click noise of a boiler

Click noise of a boiler

Concern at the level of the heating body

If a slam is heard at the boiler it is necessary to react quickly. In fact, a quiet operation is not only synonymous with interior comfort but also energy saving, and therefore ultimately a lower bill for the portfolio.

A snap or bubbling of a boiler is a abnormal noise usually caused by overheating of the water which results in a large amount of water vapor. In this case, it is recommended to check the heating element which is either scaly or dirty. Beyond the noise, this problem can be unfortunate from the point of view of the performance. In fact, scale deposits prevent the boiler from functioning optimally.

If this is the case, especially on old boilers, it is necessary to carry out a verification and an analysis of the circuit water. The intervention of a qualified heating engineer makes it possible to diagnose the defective element and to carry out the necessary repairs.

Checking the heat circuit

In some cases, clicks can be heard to the central heating circuit. Most of the time, this kind of annoyance is caused by a circuit expansion that occurs as the temperature rises. Sometimes we can also see water hammer » (phenomenon of overpressure) which are manifested in case of sudden change of pressure. If this is the case, the noise can be attenuated or even eliminated by having damping elements on the pipe clamps.

Other measures can also be taken to avoid the click noise of a boiler:

  • the pipes can be insulated or insulated
  • of the flexible can be installed on the boiler
  • or the ducts can be separated from the walls or other walls they pass through.

Slamming at the time of getting started

In the case of electric radiators, it is possible that clicks are noticed at the time of start-up. There are various possible causes. It is possible that, under the influence of the heater, the materials expand or that a boiler purge is necessary. It should be emphasized that the radiators with inertia do not present this type of inconvenience. These very economical equipment are operated by silent electronic thermostats (at 0.5° C).

Video Instruction: Boiler heater clicking noise