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The motorized portal is in fashion. A mode that is justified by the increased comfort of use and security it offers.

The motorized portal, an accessible luxury

The motorized portal, an accessible luxury

The motorized portal, multiple interests

Motorization is often referred to as luxury of the portal. Relatively accessible, it offers many advantages:

  • in bad weather, you will not have to face bad weather. Your portal will open and close on its own,
  • no more effort will be needed to handle your motorized portal,
  • a considerable time saving when using the gate by opening and closing automatically.
  • better resistance to burglary attempts.

Different accessories will allow you to optimize the use of your motorized portal. Here are a few:

  • a lamp, useful at night to better visualize your entrance,
  • an alarm,
  • an automatic locking system,
  • an intercom directly connected to your home, the intercom will let you know who is ringing at your door. Similarly the opening will be remote if you wish, the optimal comfort.

The motorized portal, a choice to be defined

For your motorization, note that several solutions exist and it will choose the one that best suits your installation.

For the swing gate, you will have the possibility between a wheel installation, an integrated motorization included in the gate, a discreet and durable buried system, a system with arms or even jacks.

For the sliding gate, there are rail or self-supporting systems.

Side installation, you have two options: try to install the engine yourself, which requires great precision and a high level of knowledge in DIY, or entrust the site to a provider. The cost of this second solution, much more expensive is however to relativize.

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