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The aluminum gate is a modern and future-proof closure solution. Its lightness, the impressive number of possible designs, its ecological side but also its robustness make the aluminum portal one of the most preferred choices by the users.

The aluminum portal, almost unlimited possibilities

The aluminum portal, almost unlimited possibilities

Aluminum portal: beauty, modernism and lightness

The aluminum portal is fashionable. First because it is one of the best materials on the market:

  • simple to maintain, it does not rust, even in a humid environment, nor does it oxidize,
  • it can be placed at the seaside, but then requires a more regular maintenance,
  • no protective coating is needed,
  • aluminum is as light as PVC and can be as strong as wrought iron.

Aesthetics is also one of the great strengths of the aluminum portal:

  • the design of the aluminum portal can be creative, modern or original... The field of possible shapes and styles is almost infinite and aluminum allows achievements impossible to materialize with another material,
  • an impressive range of paints is available for the aluminum portal. You will also be able to opt for an imitation wood or wrought iron that offers a realistic rendering and further extends the aesthetic possibilities of the aluminum portal,
  • the finishes are quality and precise.

The aluminum portal, a material to be solidified

The aluminum portal is undeniably one of the most interesting and fashionable materials on the gates market. However, like any material, it has its weaknesses. There are two things that can hinder buyers: the pure material of aluminum is relatively soft and fragile, so it can be deformed, and the price of the aluminum gate can slow down the most limited stock exchanges.

The solidity can be strongly reinforced, think also to the technique of assembly of your aluminum portal which will play on its lifespan:

  • the portal said assembled, as the name suggests, consists of different pieces assembled. This technique allows easier repair in case of damage since it will then be possible to replace only part. This method is preferred for modern style portals,
  • the gate says welded, which offers an aesthetic rendering very close to or even identical to that of the wrought iron gate. This technique makes it possible to extend the longevity of the gate and is preferred for tailor-made or very large portals,
  • mixing aluminum with one or more other materials provides an ideal result. Copper or manganese, aluminum is an almost perfect solution.

The engine, if you want to install one, must also pay particular attention. While all engines can be used on an aluminum portal, provided it is strong enough, the one with jacks is strongly discouraged! High pressure on the hinges could quickly damage your aluminum gate.

Finally, the price range for an aluminum gate is quite wide. Below you will find a table summarizing the rates according to different criteria.

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