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On the floor of my living room I would like to lay solid parquet. Unfortunately this floor is covered with a very old lino dating from the 60s fully glued. Should we take it off knowing that the glue contains asbestos and that I already live in the apartment or is it possible to bury it in a patching? A fiber patch to avoid cracks would it be appropriate or redo a new screed?

If you are considering a floating pose, you can dispense with depositing the linoleum. Just insert an insulating underlay between it and the parquet or laminate.

On the other hand, if you are considering a glued pose, you can not patch on a lino. If there is asbestos in the glue you will need to call in a specialized company to remove this lino safely. Once deposited you will be able to make a patching to put your solid parquet. Attention: in case of glued installation, you will have to wait for the complete drying of the smoothing before considering the installation.

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