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The foundations are meant to support all the construction and must be well done. To build a foundation, you have to pour concrete into a trench or a dedicated site.

Concrete preparation before pouring foundations

There are many types of concrete: you have to choose the one that is suitable for the realization of the foundations of your house. It depends on several criteria: the climate, the environment, the type of construction, etc.

Concrete is made from a mixture of water, cement, sand and gravel. The dosage of these elements depends on the use for which the concrete is intended. For example, for a concrete foundation, it will take more cement and water than for concrete cleanliness. The mixture is made in a concrete mixer.

Pouring concrete

Foundations can be in the form of foundation footings (pouring concrete into trenches or into a formwork), but it is also possible to create a foundation foundation, which will better support the weight of the house if the soles are not enough. not.

The foundations can be poured thanks to a truck top or another type of concrete mixer with bucket. This involves pouring the concrete on the reinforcement or in the formwork, and spreading it with a shovel or a rake. Pouring concrete must be done quickly after digging excavations. But once the excavations are filled with concrete, it will take several days for the concrete to dry.

The next step will be to raise the basement walls of the house.

Recall on the steps prior to pouring foundations

The steps that precede the pouring of foundations:

  • Markings and excavationsIt's about defining the location of load-bearing walls and other points that require foundations, and then digging the trenches.
  • Formwork and / or reinforcement of foundations: it is the preparation of the ground before pouring concrete. Before the reinforcement is put in place, a concrete can be poured.
  • Placing the pipes.

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