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Decorating your tree and your house is one of the great pleasures of the year-end festivities. But what is the electricity consumption of a Christmas wreath? How to reduce the energy and financial expenses induced by these illuminations? The answer in this article.

Estimate of the electricity consumption of a Christmas wreath

Consumption hypothesis of a Christmas garland 5 m long, equipped with 50 bulbs of 0.65 W:

  • the electric power a light string of this type is about 30 W;
  • it is estimated that it works approximately 4 hours a day (at the start of the evening);
  • we imagine that it will remain installed 20 days (from December 15 to January 5).

-> The total electrical energy consumed by the garland equals 2.4 kWh.

At the national level, it is estimated that around 6 million light garlands are installed during the holidays.
-> The national electricity consumption each night is therefore 200 MW.

Limit the power consumption of a garland: LED and solar

It is quite possible to reduce the electricity consumption of a Christmas wreath. When buying your light string, always check its consumption and opt for a model with:

  • of LED bulbs


  • bulbs with compact fluorescent energy saving.

But there are even more energy efficient garlands. These are LED light bulbs with LED bulbs. The battery they are equipped with recharges during the day with sunlight. And for even more economy and practicality, some models are triggered even independently at sunset (twilight release).

Programming to reduce the power consumption of a garland

To optimize your energy savings during the Christmas period, the ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency) recommends that the entire population turn off the light garlands during the day and after bedtime.

To avoid forgetfulness, you can automate the lighting and the extinction of your Christmas garlands. To do this, several solutions * are available to you:

  • the electric garlands programmable (with integrated programmer);
  • the external mechanical programmer;
  • the programmable digital socket;
  • take with timer.

* Ordered solutions from most to least practical.

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