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We had built in 2009, we have electric underfloor heating (Atlantic). The power of the frame in the kitchen is 580W 51ds / 60. Rating of the room 339/340. We have an L-shaped kitchen which is 339/340 minus the door. Is the power of the frame is sufficient, the manufacturer assures us that yes, but we fail to reach the requested temperature.

I can not tell you if the data is sufficient with the information provided. The calculation of the heating capacity involves several parameters, including the climatic zone, the insulation level of the building and the ceiling height. The average pfd recommended by heating specialists is 35 to 55 W / m3, your floor heating is, a priori, in the norm.
Your concern can come from several causes:

  • A section of the supply ducts too weak, therefore a linear power too low.
  • An unsuitable screed.
  • A floor covering that brakes the emission of heat.
  • Bad insulation
  • An important ceiling height that would disrupt calculations.

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