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I am renovating my house dating from the 70's. I redid the walls with 10 cm glass wool and Fermacell. The house has a roof terrace with insulation from the outside. I added 10 cm of glass wool between the hourdie and the siding. Concerning the bathrooms, I would like to know which products to use to seal my Fermacell plates? Should I use Power Panel H2O instead? It seems to me that the Fermacell alone is not advisable in a bathroom. I point out that one of the bathrooms will probably not have a VMC but just a forced ventilation.

If you want to use FERMACELL slabs, choose the new POWERPANEL H2O slab specially designed for use in rooms where the walls are exposed to permanent moisture demands such as bathrooms. Glued joints should be made to the studs with FERMACELL seam glue. Remember to seal the connections to the walls, floor and ceiling with the sealing tape provided by the manufacturer.

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