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    AEG HBS 1000E Belt Sander

    With a rather high yield, this type of sander does not do in the half measure. A machine especially intended for working on large flat surfaces. Features Manufacturer: AEG Part number: HBS 1000 E Power consumption: 1 010 W (230 V) Band size: 533 x 75 mm Sanding area: 145 x 75 mm Belt speed: 240 to 450 m / min Noise level: 98 dB (A) Weight: 5.1 kg Accessories: supplied in a case with an abrasive belt and a connection for vacuum cleaner Price generally found: 199 Euros (ecotax included) Features of the tool Getting started At first glance, we note that the manufacturer has particularly cared for the ergonomics and aesthetics of the machine.

      Black & Decker BDV040 Wireless Start Booster

      Small enough to fit in the glove box, this device can quickly recharge a battery by simply plugging into the cigarette lighter socket. Features Manufacturer: Black & Decker Reference: BDV040 Constant power: 8 amps Output voltage: 12 volts Internal battery: 3 sealed lead-acid batteries 6 V 3 Ah Charging time of the device: 40 h for full charge the first time Charging time of the vehicle's battery: 15 to 20 minutes Weight: 3.4 kg Dimensions: 23.5 x 8.5 x 15 cm Accessories: plug for mains charging Usually found price: 69.90 Euros (eco-tax included) To what is it for?

        "K310s TI" Wood Combination from Kity

        Characteristics Bi-blocks six functions: - 1 module degau-planer-mortising machine - 1 module saw-router-sawing and tenoning trolley Total weight: 350 kg (of which 125 kg for the block de-planer and 200 kg for the block saw -toupie) Price including VAT in mono or three phase: 6 108 euros Manufacturer warranty: 2 years 3 engines - dewax planer mono: 2600 W - 3.5 hp - three-phase planing flap: 3 150 W - 4.3 hp - mono saw: 2,600 W - 3,5 hp - saw sort: 3,150 W - 4,3 hp - mono rotor: 2,600 W - 3,5 hp - rotor sort: 3,150 W - 4,3 hp Thicknesser - length tables: 1,400 mm - shaft diameter: 62 mm - 3 reversible and disposable irons, mounted on iron carriers - rotational speed: 6,100 rpm - maximum pass thickness: 3 mm Planer - table length: 530 mm - up and down: on 4 endless threaded rods with trapezoidal pitch, Ø 14 mm - planing height: 4 to 200 mm - disengageable advance speed: 7.5 m / min - maximum pass thickness: 3 mm Saw - table dimensions: 575 x 1,135 mm, (1,150 x 1,135 mm with optional extension) - rotation speed: 4,100 rpm - blade / bore diameter: 250/30 mm - blade inclination: 0 to 45° - high.

          PowerGrip Li Cordless Screwdriver from Métabo

          Halfway between the cordless screwdriver and the screwdriver, this high-end model displays great power for a master key. Characteristics Manufacturer: Metabo Reference: PowerGrip Li Voltage: 7.2 V, 1.1 Ah Li-ion battery No-load speed: 0 - 250 rpm Max torque: 15 Nm Torque adjustment: 5 + maximum torque Tool-holder: Hexagon spindle Speed: One and quick stop Charge time: 30 min Weight: 730 g with battery Accessories: Supplied in a soft case with a battery of 1.1 Ah Li-Ion, a charger and 7 screwdrivers Price generally found: 99 Euros (ecotax included) In use Getting Started The upper part of the device offers many similarities with the cordless screwdriver "PowerMax" of the same manufacturer, tested in our test bench of December 2007.

            Viking GE 35 l Vegetable Crusher

            Size of hedgerows and pruning lead to significant amounts of plant waste. To compost or reduce the volume for transport to the dump, the mill becomes indispensable. Characteristics Manufacturer: Viking Reference: GE 35 l Absorbed power: 2,300 W Engine speed: 40 rpm Maximum branch diameter: 36 mm Grinding system: Knife rotor Weight: 25 kg Height: 96 cm Price generally found: 650 euros In use Getting started If you want to buy a shredder, two cutting systems are available to you: the turntable or the rotor.

              Bosch "PLS 300" cutting guide

              Straight cut, slant or miter? Thanks to its multiple settings, this guide is very useful for working with a jigsaw. Characteristics Manufacturer: Bosch Code: PLS 300 Maximum saw blade length: 100 mm Max. Cutting length at 90°: 315 mm Max. Cutting height: 25 mm Max. Miter angle: 45° Max. Vertical miter angle: 45° Length max. bias cut: 80 mm Retail price: 79.95 € For which uses?

                Bosch "Unéo" drill and reamer

                Drill-drivers are not missing on the market. But this new model also allows to perforate the concrete, all for a small footprint and especially a weight of 1.1 kg. Features Manufacturer: Bosch Part Number: Unéo Rated Voltage: 14.4 Volts Maximum Charge Time: 3 hrs Rotation Speed: 0 - 900 rpm Number of Shocks: 0 - 4,800 cps / min Strike Power: 0.9 Joules Ø maximum drilling: 10 mm concrete, 8 mm steel and 10 mm wood Weight: 1,1 kg Price found: 159,95 Euros TTC In use Getting Started For the occasional builder who looks twice before getting equipped it is quite tempting to have both a small drill and a drill with the screw-and-unscrew function.

                  Ryobi Energy Pack "ONE +"

                  Milling machine, saw, angle sander... this manufacturer offers 17 cordless tools, delivered without batteries, and a charger with one or two batteries of 18 volts, which adapt to these machines. Features Reference: ONE + Pack "Energy": 2 batteries + fast charger 1 h Battery: 18 volts - 1,7 Ah Price found: 79,90 euros Machines tested: Drill-driver percussion (CMI 1802 M): 99,90 euros, info: mandrel 13 mm.

                    "Neo 1000" generator set by SDMO

                    Auxiliary essential to have an independent power supply in all circumstances, the generator is also a good companion for your outdoor work. Specifications Manufacturer: SDMO Reference: Neo 1000 Engine: 4-stroke OHV Maximum power: 900 W Current: alternating 230 V - 3.1 A Tank capacity: 2 liters Autonomy: up to 4 hours Engine oil: SAE 15W40, crankcase of 0, 16 liter Dimensions: W 44.7 x W 26 x H 38.7 cm Sound level: 70 dB (A) at 7 meters Weight: 3 kg Warranty period: 2 years Overall price: 320 Euros Handling and use Model tested is the first of a range of materials intended for the general public.

                      Ryobi "One +" Battery Grinder

                      This cordless machine completes the range of 18 volt grinders in the "One +" series. A concept based on the separate purchase of a power tool (without batteries) and two batteries with charger. Specifications Manufacturer: Ryobi Part number: CAG-180M Rated voltage: 18 volts, Ni-Cd battery at 1.7 Ah Vacuum speed: 0 - 7000 rpm wheel diameter: 115 mm Bore diameter: 22.2 mm Spindle thread: M 14 Weight: 3.1 kg with battery Accessory delivered: 1 disc to be deburred Sound level: 80 dB (A) Price generally found: 61Euros (ecotax included and discounted) In use Getting started The "One +" range consists of a pack of two 18-volt batteries with fast charger (charged 80,20 Euros) and various machines sold without batteries, in order to reduce the cost.

                        Wolfcraft FSK115 Saw Guide

                        These new accessories help guide jigsaw and circular saws in straight cuts more efficiently. Specification Manufacturer: Wolfcraft For circular saw References: FSK115 Overall price: 69 Euros (extension 59 Euros) Maximum dimensions of the saw flange: 200 x 385 mm Distance between blade and left edge of the base: 85 mm Length of the rail: 1 150 mm Max. Stroke: 110 cm (manufacturer) 100 cm (noticeable) For jig saw References: PSD250 Total price: 59 Euros Max. Sawing sole dimensions: 77 x 175 mm Minimum shoe width (to benefit from the protective cover splinters): 68 mm Maximum stroke: 400 mm Max. capacity Width x Thickness: 300 x 40 mm In use Getting started Available since a few months, these two cutting guides of the same brand are intended for two types of machines: one for the circular saw, the other for the jigsaw.