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My parents-in-law live in Caussade in the Tarn et Garonne. They had rockwool laid for the attic insulation via AGS in Montauban (Bleu Ciel partner). The service went well. However the salesman had told them that he would receive an energy bonus from EDF of 1500 € in addition to the tax credit. Information taken from EDF, there is no payment of energy premium. The company does not want to hear anything and explains that we misunderstood. What are the legal provisions for these premiums and what are our remedies knowing that they would not have signed the order form if there was no mention of the EDF premium. They were considering doing so but not in the immediate future but rather in autumn 2014 (the contract was signed in March 2014 with 84-month Domofinance funding and a 1st monthly payment in October 2014), the commercial said that he waited for the conditions might change to no longer be so interesting. Thank you in advance and congratulations for the show.

Many pharmacies present themselves as "Blue Sky partner". This is not a sesame, and many abuse business arguments that are sometimes misleading. This may be the case with yours.
The premium you are talking about is related to the incentive for energy companies to encourage the energy economy. The company (here apparently EDF) grants a bonus, via an RGE installer, on a work file.
Basically, to benefit from this bonus:
1) Roof insulation work must be done by a professional.
2) the thermal resistance R installed insulation must be greater than or equal to 7 m2K / W in the attic, et 6 m².K / W crawling roof.
3) The performance of the insulation must be certified ACERMI or equivalent.
In any case, a premium of 1500 € would correspond to the insulation of an area of ​​nearly 250 m.2.
At the description of the facts, there does not seem to be any possible remedy, except to institute legal proceedings before the district court.
It must also be possible to file a claim on the Bleu Ciel website.

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