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The boil-off bonus for boilers is an aid for the replacement of boilers over 15 years old. Attention, this premium is no longer in effect since December 31, 2013.

What is the boiler breakage bonus?

The boiler breakage premium is a premium paid to you when you replace your old boiler with a more efficient and energy efficient boiler. Its amount varies. It amounts to:

  • 120 € minimum for the purchase of a low temperature boiler,
  • 350 € minimum for the purchase of a condensing boiler,
  • 400 € minimum for the purchase of a wood boiler.

This bonus is paid by the energy suppliers. These are free to offer higher premiums than the minima mentioned above.

To qualify for the boiler breakage premium, you had to choose an energy supplier. The procedure was as follows:

  • Send a proof (or statement of honor) stating that your replacement device was older than 15 years before November 30, 2013.
  • Submit an estimate (dated before November 30, 2013) for the installation of a low temperature, condensing or wood boiler. Warning! The scrapping bonus is not retroactive.

Other help for installing a boiler

As the scrap premium is no longer relevant, you can benefit from other help to finance the installation of your new boiler:

  • The tax credit can finance your new, more energy-efficient boiler.
  • The zero-rate eco-loan covers a package of works, including the installation of a new boiler.
  • The energy bonus is paid to you by the energy suppliers.
  • The subsidy of the ANAH (National Agency for the Improvement of the Habitat) is paid to you under conditions of resources.
  • Subsidies from your local communities also exist.

This aid may be cumulative. They are subject to strict attribution conditions: find out before buying your boiler!

The scrappage premium is no longer in effect since December 2013. However, other measures can significantly reduce the cost of acquiring a new boiler.

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