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Whatever the material, the simplest solution is sometimes to completely remove the old coating. As long as you use the right tool.

Removal of an old coating: technique and choice of tools

Old soil removal: thinking about asbestos diagnosis

Floor slabs may contain asbestos. If you have just purchased a home, you must have the lead and asbestos diagnostics (mandatory since December 31, 2005) made by the former owner.
If the presence of asbestos is proven, know that this risk material is dangerous only if you handle it and release asbestos particles. Call a specialized company to remove it.
Be aware that it is forbidden to cover under wood panels or patching, this would be considered a concealment of dangerous product in light of the law.

MDF, agglo and fiber boards: beware, formaldehyde!

Wood derivatives (fibreboard, chipboard and plywood) release formaldehyde, a volatile substance classified in 2005 by WHO as
being carcinogenic to humans.
It is advisable to choose its panels among the least emissive materials, labeled class E1 and Lignum CH 6.5.

The chipping drill, the tool for preparing a floor covering

hammer drill

The chisel puncher is an essential tool: it is very useful to remove all or part of a concrete screed, correct the flatness of the ground, dig a groove, remove tiling...
It also makes it easy to drill hard materials such as concrete or stone. However, it is necessary to use a tool adapted to the need: for example a typing energy of more than 8 joules for the demolition.

Deposit a sealed tile

to separate the tiles from the screed

The use of a chisel punch is required to separate the tile from the screed.
But this then forces to pour a new finishing screed.

Removal of a glued tile

take off the tiles

A flat chisel or chisel and hammer are the most suitable tools for taking off tiles.
Here too, it is necessary to carry out a smoothing.

Removal of a flexible coating

remove a soft coating

A scraper (or scraper) makes it easy to tear off the cut lamination in strips with a cutter.
The anchor slats pull back with a crowbar.

Residual glue

remove the glue from the floor

After scraping the glue with a scraper, the remaining film is dissolved with abrasive products (such as acetone) on a cloth.

Video Instruction: Béton Surface - Floor coating application