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It is possible to lay a tile on a wooden floor but this operation requires some precautions to avoid any deformation of the wood due to the moisture of the adhesive mortar.

How to lay a tile on a wood floor

Tile on a wooden floor

In the case of a wooden floor, pour a special patching mortar ("Fiberplan", Mapei).
Beforehand, seal the slots of the floor with filling mortar and then apply a primer, before completing the installation of the screed.

Tile on wooden panels

In the case of wood panels, leave a gap of 4 mm between the panels.
Close the interstices with sanitary sealant and place a glass lattice (20 cm wide) on the joints with the tile adhesive.
Then use a glue flexible enough to absorb the differential movements of wood and tiles (type "Colflex", Weber).

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