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Before preparing the wall, it must be rid of defects that can disturb its flatness and prevent the stability of the coatings. Then come, much later, painting. Here are the steps:

Preparation of surfaces to be painted: cleaning of the support

Leach and scrape the wall

Washing a wall

  • To remove dirt and grease, wash with a washing solution containing soda and hot water (50 g / liter).
  • Start at the bottom to avoid drips that are difficult to remove.
  • Finally, rinse with clear water.

Scrape a wall

  • Drop the old peeling paint with a stiff breather.
  • Then sand the surface to remove any difference in level.

Mold and lead paint: to watch for

Treat a moldy wall


  • Moisten the surface with a solution of bleach (about 1 cup per 1 liter of water).
  • To let do.
  • Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before painting.

Lead paint

  • It is usually present on the frames.
  • To eliminate it, do not sand it and do not use a heat remover: vapors and lead dust (harmful) would invade the home. Use a chemical stripper.
  • Or cover with several layers of lead-free paint.

Peel off the wallpaper

Avoid painting or applying wallpaper without removing the one in place.
Ventilate the room during this operation to remove moisture and glue vapors.

How to peel off the wallpaper

In the case of laminated papers (kitchen, wet rooms, etc.), cut the surface with a cutter.

Step to take off a tapestry

Sponge with the sponge to dissolve the glue.

Tearing a tapestry

Take off with a coating knife. Wash the traces of glue.

Tapestry stripper

If that's not enough, use a wallpaper stripper.

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