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The basement of my house is buried (built in 1987). During heavy rains the bottom of the walls runs off which creates a large puddle in the basement. A mason told me that resin injection would be the best solution. Indeed it would dig all around the house on 2.5m deep to treat from the outside. Is this the best solution? What would be the other possible solutions? I am afraid that the wall (in parpaing) is damaged as and when.

The first thing to do is to treat the problem "at the source" by removing the water from the foundations with good drainage. It must still be able to access the environment of the house on at least twenty meters.
The treatment from the outside is indeed the most logical, provided you can clear the foundations and the buried wall part to a sufficient depth in the perimeter of the house. Injections of resin are useless because we can redo a conventional seal from the outside.
In the opposite case, resin injections from the inside are a good alternative. It is also possible to make a sealed casings, alone or in addition to the resin injections according to the importance of infiltration.

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