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You are looking for a carport and you want to establish a budget before buying one that suits you. Be aware that several criteria influence the price of a carport, such as size, materials and finishes. Take the time to study the characteristics of each type of carport to know the price you will need.

Price of a carport

Price of a carport

What are the parameters that influence the price of a carport?

If you are currently at the looking for a carport to shelter your car, you have to realize how much the price range is vast with regard to carports. Indeed, a number of parameters directly affect the price of a carport:

  • The materialssince a wooden carport is generally more expensive than an aluminum carport, for example.
  • The character backed or freestanding carport, the latter being more expensive than the first.
  • The size of the carportYou will find simple carports cheaper than double carports.
  • Finishes, namely the possible presence of a cabanon, photovoltaic panels, etc.
  • Similarly, a custom carport will be more expensive than a kit carport that you can mount yourself.

Prices according to the type of carport

Type of carportPrice
Simple carport350 - 2 500 €
Double carport900 - 6 000 €
Carport backed350 - 4 500 €
Freestanding Carport500 - 6 000 €
Wooden carport700 - 6 000 €
Aluminum carport350 - 5 000 €
Carport with shed or shed1 000 - 7 000 €
Photovoltaic carport8 000 - 18 000 €
Custom Carport1 000 - 20 000 €

Rates given by way of indication.

The price of a simple carport

A simple carport is a carport that can only house one car at a time. Its size is therefore on average the following: 3.6 meters wide, 7.2 meters long, and between 2 and 3 meters high. It can be composed of different materials, it can be leaned or freestanding, and its roof can be flat, inclined or in the shape of a triangle or dome.
The price of a single carport is the most accessible, since you must have between 350 and 2500 € depending on the characteristics.

The price of a double carport

A double carport is a carport that, as its name suggests, can house two cars simultaneously. These cars can be parked in two ways, namely one behind the other or one next to the other, which determines its dimensions:

  • A double carport that can accommodate two cars one behind the other will be 3.6 meters wide, 14.4 meters long and 2 to 3 meters high.
  • A double carport that can accommodate two cars next to each other will be 7.2 meters wide, 7.2 meters long and 2 to 3 meters high.

The price of a carport 2 cars is higher than that of a simple carport, since you must expect between 900 and 6 000 €.

The price of a carport backed

A carport backed has a beam on one of its sides, which is attached to one of the walls of your home. It is a cheaper carport than a freestanding carport, and is also more compact and therefore easier to install on any type of terrain.
The price of a carport backed starts around 350 € and can extend up to 4,500 € depending on the materials.

The price of a freestanding carport

A freestanding carport is mounted on 4 to 8 pillars depending on its size, so it can be installed anywhere in your garden but it is rather indicated for the grounds having a lot of available space.
The price of a freestanding carport is 500 to 6 000 € depending on the materials and size of the carport.

The price of a wooden carport

The wooden carport is usually the most sought after, because the wood is a solid and warm material whose aspect fits perfectly in all types of gardens.
Count 700 to 6 000 € for a wooden carport.

The price of an aluminum carport

The aluminum carport is appreciated for its modern and elegant appearance, but also for its lightness that makes it easy to install.
The price of an aluminum carport starts around € 350 and can range up to € 5,000.

The price of a carport with shed or cabanon

Some carports can be equipped with a shed or shed. This space is useful because you can store your bikes, your bike equipment, set up a workshop or store your hardware, for example. These carports are usually wooden carports, as well as the shed.
The price of a carport with shed or shed is around 1,000 to 7,000 €.

The price of a photovoltaic carport

Photovoltaic carports are growing more and more and for good reason: these carports are equipped with photovoltaic solar panels that allow you to produce your own energy to power your electrical network, which allows you to achieve significant energy savings. These savings will allow you in particular to amortize the installation price of the carport.
The price of a photovoltaic car is among the highest, because solar panels are expensive equipment. Count between 8 000 and 18 000 € on average.

The price of a custom carport

If you can not find a carport that suits you in specialized stores and on websites, you can turn to a custom carport. You will call on a professional who will make plans according to your needs and your ground, and you will get a completely personalized carport, which fits perfectly in your garden.
The price of a custom carport is obviously higher than that of a carport kit, since you will have to count between 1 000 and 20 000 €.

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