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Before you want to install a chimney, you must inquire about the price of installation of it. The installation fee does not only include the installation of the chimney, it also includes the installation of casing if nonexistent or dressing. Here is a small overview of the estimated price for installing a chimney.

Price for the installation of a chimney

Price for the installation of a chimney

Price of a chimney according to the type of energy

First, you need to know what kind of fireplace you want to install: wood, gas, electric or bioethanol. The budget can range from 500 to over 6,000 € just for the purchase of the fireplace.

We advise you not to take the low end regardless of the energy used because the materials may not be of good quality and you will have to change your chimney in 3-4 years (instead of 10- 15 years or more).
You should also know that you can benefit from a tax credit for the purchase of a closed fireplace insert since it is a means of ecological heating.

Materials for a chimney: they come into play for the price

After energy, the material used for dressing for the chimney is also a parameter that influences the price of its installation. It is difficult to communicate a rate for the installation of a complete chimney (fireplace / insert, mantle, base of the hearth, hood and lintel) since multiple parameters are to be taken into account.
Among the possible materials to use alone or association:

  • Stone for a timeless style
  • Marble for a lasting solution
  • Ceramics for ease of maintenance
  • Cellular concrete to last in time
  • The brick a timeless material
  • Metal for modernity
  • Wood for a warm and rustic design

Nevertheless, for a set of mantels + jambs (piece forming a "U" upside down and framing your home), plan an estimated budget between 100 and 3,000 € depending on the material used without going through a specialized salesman and without tailoring.

The price for laying the fireplace

A chimney necessarily requires a casing to ask if possible by a specialist.

When the duct is already existing, the professional will have to check the conformity of this one before the connection and possibly install a casing. Cost of the operation: 500 € about which to add about 50 to 120 € / m of casing + the estimated pose between 200 and 500 €.

The budget will rise around 1 000 à 2 000 € if no duct is existing + price and installation of casing indicated above.
An electric fireplace or bio ethanol does not require driving and therefore no casing.
In order to have a budget to the fair, call a specialist who will move in situ to see the work to be implemented.

After installation

Once your chimney is installed, you must maintain it.
Wood and gas fireplaces must be swept twice a year to avoid any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire. Count between 40 and 80 € by sweeping outside Paris or the big cities where fares fly.
Your chimney must also be fed: firewood, electricity, gas, bio ethanol. This data is also to be included in your budget for the installation of a chimney.

Price for laying a chimney: summary

We do not include the price of materials in this table since the price depends a lot on the size, the desired design and the specialist who will dress your fireplace. Remember to ask for several quotes for the installation of your fireplace.

Purchase (outside tax credit)pipetubingAccessories
Wood fireplace500 à 6 000 €Existing duct: 500 €
Conduit non-existent: 1,000 to 2,000 €
50 to 120 € / m + 200 to 500 € for installationChimney sweep + wood price
Gas fireplace1 000€ à 5 000 €Existing duct: 500 €
Conduit non-existent: 1,000 to 2,000 €
50 to 120 € / m + 200 to 500 € for installationSweeping + gas prices
Fireplace (bio) ethanol100 à 2 000 €No leadsNo casingPrice of (bio) ethanol: +/- 2 € / l
Electric fireplace50 à 2 000 €No leadsNo casingPrice of kwh

Do not hesitate to ask for your estimate for the installation of a chimney!

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