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If the insulation of a roof is a profitable operation allowing to save up to 30% on its electricity bills, the initial investment is relatively important. Also, the prices of the insulation of the roof are very different from one house to another, but financial aids, put in place by the public authorities, exist.

How much should I estimate the price of the work to insulate my roof?

The prices for the insulation of a roof are very variable from one house to another, between ten and a hundred euros per square meter. These depend on the technique used, which is a function of the characteristics of each dwelling, and the materials used, according to their level of thermal resistance and their thickness.

In the interior insulation process, the cost is staggered between 10 and 15 euros per m2 for lost roof spaces, and between 40 and 50 euros per m2 for convertible attics. Using the external insulation method, prices are higher, of the order of 50 to 200 euros of the m2.

As regards materials, mineral wools are generally the least expensive, followed by cellular plastic insulators and bio-based insulators.

Can I claim financial aid and subsidies to insulate my roof?

Since insulation work is the most efficient way to save energy, the public authorities have introduced a series of financial measures, in addition to the application of the reduced VAT rate, to encourage homeowners, but also the tenants, in this step.

Thus, under conditions, it is possible to claim several cumulative aids, including the following:

  • The Sustainable Development Tax Credit (CIDD), giving entitlement to a tax deduction
  • Eco-loan at zero rateup to 30,000 euros;
  • The Energy Renovation Bonus
  • ANAH grants (National Agency for the Improvement of the Habitat).

To find out more about these various subsidies, the State created in September 2013 some 450 "info service renovation points" that you can contact for any request, considering in particular that the measures proposed by the public authorities evolve very frequently.

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