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The electric boiler is a heating medium rarely used because of the high cost of electricity. Nevertheless, it sometimes offers a good alternative to other heating systems. What is the price? How much are the other alternatives to the electric boiler?

The cost of an electric boiler

The electric boiler is currently the device that costs the least to purchase. There are electric boilers entry level at € 1,000.

This low cost must however be put into perspective: electricity is currently the most expensive fuel, and electric boilers are particularly energy-hungry.

Electric boilers can receive a tax credit or eco-loan at zero rates under certain conditions: do not hesitate to inquire before buying your boiler to know if you can benefit!

The costs of the other boilers

To decide which boiler will be the most economical for you, compare both the purchase price of the boilers but also the price of the fuel. A large upfront investment can quickly pay for itself if the heating system is efficient and the fuel is cheap.

Among the different boilers on the market, we find:

  • Gas boilers: these are the most common. The starting price of a small model is around € 1,200. The new generation gas boilers have a very good performance.
  • Boilers with wood: more expensive to buy (around € 2,000 for an entry-level model), they are interesting because of their good performance and the low price of wood
  • The oil fired condensing boilers: they cost on average 2,500 to 3,000 €. Their performance is optimal thanks to a heat recovery system.

Ask a professional who can tell you if the electric boiler is the most economical solution for you.

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