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Induction hobs, there are many and at all prices! But before turning to the first cheap plates, a quick overview of the prices of an induction hob.

The price of induction hobs down!

Fast, efficient, precise and easy to maintain: the induction hob is for many the cooktop tomorrow. As a result, it sells more and more each year, thus lowering market prices. Today, you will find induction hobs at prices ranging from 350 € to 1 500 €. A relatively wide margin that reflects the variety of plates available on the market.

  • Around 350 €you will find entry-level induction hobs. They are reliable but their total power, relatively low, limits the power of each home. The functions offered by the device are reduced.
  • Between 350 and 600 €, the functions remain basic but their power, more important, allows to use several plates at the same time.
  • From 600 to 900 €you will find plates that already offer maximum power. Fireplaces can be used simultaneously at high temperatures. The functions are more numerous.
  • From 900 to 1,500 €: more features, wider fireplaces, maximum sensitivity, and design to suit all tastes, we are entering the category of high-end induction hobs.

A price depending on the number of plates

The price of induction hobs varies mainly depending on number of plates (Homes). Generally, the hobs have 3 to 4 plates. However, there are cooktops at 1, 2 or 5 at the most, plates.
Prices vary from € 150 for 1-plate tables to € 1,000 for 5-plate tables.

Other criteria that make the price of an induction hob

The number of plates is not the only decisive function. The price of an induction hob also varies depending on:

  • Comfort of use to know from ergonomics commands (access keys, key sensitivity, etc.)
  • Power and number of power levels: the more there are and the more the plate allows a precision of adjustment
  • From the number of security devices offered by the induction hob
  • Design and design

Finally in calculating your budget for your new hob, remember to add the cost of laying the hob in your kitchen.

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