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The price of an open kitchen is subject to many variables that meet the specificities of each project. The very configuration of the open kitchen is at the origin of these variables, since it requires the addition of some non-existent equipment in the closed kitchen. What is the budget for an open kitchen? Our answer elements in this article.

Price of an open kitchen

Price of an open kitchen

Price of specific equipment of the open kitchen

Bar or island, semi-partition... an open kitchen has elements that do not exist in a closed kitchen and that, once associated with the storage cabinets to the credence and appliances, will be an integral part of its price.

Indicative prices:

  • The price of a central island oscillates between 500 € and more than 2500 €. An average cost that varies greatly depending on its equipment: simple island (furniture and worktop), cooking island (extractor hood, hob and storage), island sink or island combining sink and cooking.
  • The price of a bar begins with 600 € for a small bar area in the kitchen and can go up 5 000 € depending on its style, materials used and its design.
  • If you opt for semi-open kitchen, the price of a half-wall oscillates between 80 € and 2000 €. A price variation justified by the dimensions of the partition and the materials used (plasterboard, plasterboard, wood, cellular concrete, glass roof...) A cost that can still evolve if you opt for a removable partition.

Price of an open kitchen: practical examples

Type of open kitchenoptions
Average price
Kitchen in KITNot includedA self-assemblyLaminated wood5000 €
Entry level kitchen- Credenza
- Simple island
- Simple bar
- Half-wall
- Home appliance
entry level
included- Concrete
- Solid wood
- laminated wood
Between € 5,000 and € 10,000
Medium-class kitchen- Credenza
- Central island sink or cooking
- Medium range bar
- Half-wall
- Home appliance
included- Solid wood
- Lacquer
- Ceramic
- Concrete
Between € 10,000 and € 20,000
High end kitchen- Credenza
- Central island sink and cooking
- High end bar
- Semi-partition high-end
- Home appliance
- Automated furniture
included- Solid wood
- Lacquer
- Ceramic
- Concrete
- Glass
- Quartz
- Marble
- Inox
- Pierre
- Resin
- Other
More than 20 000 €

The average price found for an open kitchen fully equipped and acquired at a kitchen is 6,500 € including laying.

Rates given for information only. For your project, do not hesitate to fill out our kitchen request form.

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