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Major element of the roof, the frame is the main support. True construction of your home, its construction should not be done lightly and this, in every sense of the word. Focus on the price of building a carpentry.

How is the price of building a roof structure defined?

Multiple factors are taken into account in the definition of the price of building a framework. Above all, it is important to know that there are two structural structures: the traditional roof structure and the industrial framework. The traditional frame is composed of sawmill timber elements, custom-made by a carpenter. The industrial framework is composed of of elements in kit, to assemble. Both of these structures do not cost the same price: they do not require the same construction technique, the same need for manpower, nor the same amount of material.

Are taken into account for fixing the price of construction of a framework:

  • the choice of the frame structure
  • the amount of material needed for the frame
  • laying technique and manpower
  • the main material used: wood, concrete or metallic material

The price of building a frame is fixed per square meter. The larger the building area, the higher the overall price of the framework.

Structural Construction: Price Bands

Price ranges generally vary from one provider to another, from one carpenter to another. Especially since in this global price is added the cost of labor. It is advisable to appeal to several service providers for the realization of estimates of construction of framework before making decision.

To give you an idea, you will need to count:

  • for a traditional frame: up to 180 € / m², all inclusive
  • for a frame in kit / industrial: up to 140 € / m² for purchase and installation
  • for a concrete frame: 100 € / m² with insulation and watertightness
  • for a wooden frame: 90 € to 140 € / m² about (Note: the price of the wood itself varies and thus changes the price of construction of the frame)
  • for a metal frame : price according to the quote

At the cost of construction of the frame is often added the price of construction of the roof (roof).

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